Terms and Conditions


Please note; as Adelaide Beauty Academy services various other companies for training, please refer to the individual course information pages for any alternate contact information, application process and payment advice.


Course enrolment applications can be made by;

  1. applying and paying for your selected course directly through the Adelaide Beauty Academy website – adelaidebeautyacademy.com.au.
  2. contacting us at [email protected] and returning both the Course Application Form, that will be emailed to you from your initial enquiry, and payment. This can be done by email, post or photograph sent by text to 0421 416 659.

Course enrolment will not be locked into our system until both the Course Application Form (either online or email) and a deposit or full payment has been made. All course enrolments and payment in full must be completed 2 weeks prior to the selected course start date. Any applications received after this date will be accepted under the discretion of Adelaide Beauty Academy Management. In the event of acceptance of your application, you will be required to make payment in full and, in some circumstances, to supply your own models, product and equipment. Adelaide Beauty Academy will notify you if this is to occur.

Refusal of Enrollment

Adelaide Beauty Academy has the right to refuse or turn down your application at any time based on;

  • You are deemed unsuitable for the chosen course.
  • You are unable to supply enough evidence of current or previous qualification/s or work placement in the Hair or Beauty industries, if applicable.
  • You have not completed satisfactory pre-requisite requirements for your chosen course.
  • You cannot speak, understand or write the English language, and are unable to provide your own interpreter or tutor.
  • You are unable to pay a deposit on lodgement of your application.
  • Your course fee payment is, for any reason, not cleared or suspended.
  • Agreed payment instalments have ceased.
  • Course fees have not been payed in full by the course start date.
  • You are unable to supply models, product or equipment, if applicable.






Deposits are payed to secure your place in your chosen course/s.  A 30% deposit, or price of your kit per course (if applicable), must be paid with submission of the Application Form, available from the Academy website, email or post.  Deposit amounts can be found on each course by clicking on the individual course information page. Deposits can be payed via Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card, or Cheque, the required information is available on the Application Form or the online application process. Failure to pay a deposit when lodging an application will result in you not being accepted into your chosen course and you will not to be able to attend. There are no exceptions.

Total Course Fees

Total Course Fees must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to starting your chosen course/s.  Fees can be paid by Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Cheque or AfterPay. Please contact 0421416659 to make a time to pay by cash.  Payment will not be accepted on the day of your chosen course. Payment information can be found on the Application Form or through the Adelaide Beauty Academy website.  Monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalment options are available through the website or alternatively, please contact us via email – [email protected].   


Deposits are non-refundable including if you choose to delay your course/s or change course/s completely.

Exception to this is;

  • if your chosen course is cancelled or a revised date is set by Adelaide Beauty Academy and it is not convenient for you to attend.
  • a doctor’s sick certificate stating that you were unable to attend due to sickness.
  • a letter from your employer stating that you were unable to attend due to work commitments.

In either exception, you will have a choice to either receive a deposit/total course fee refund or you may transfer it to another course. All refunds will incur a 5% administration fee and any bank or financial institution fees incurred by Adelaide Beauty Academy will be deducted from your refund.

Total Course fees, including deposits, are completely forfeited if;

  1. if you have already started attending the chosen course and do not wish to continue.
  2. the course has already started, and you have not
  3. you fail to organise the necessary models to complete the requirements of the course (where required).
  4. you did not supply the required product/equipment to complete the course (where required).

Any kits that have been paid for in full as part of the Total Course Fee, will remain yours to keep.






Selected courses offered at Adelaide Beauty Academy do not require previous or current qualifications. Qualification information can be found on the individual course information page emailed to you or on our website – adelaidebeautyacademy.com.au

However, if you have previously been a part of the Hair or Beauty industry, hold a current certificate or are currently studying, you will be required to supply evidence when lodging your Application Form for selected courses (if applicable).  Evidence can be;

  • Qualification Certificates
  • Letter from your employer stating what your duties are in the salon.
  • Current Results printout if you are studying hair or beauty at a Registered Training Organisation.
  • Business card with your name printed on it.
  • Business Registration Certificate



For some of our more advanced courses, there are pre-requisites put in place to ensure you are not studying something that is beyond your current skill level.  This ensures that you have a good understanding and technique of the skills you currently have and will be able to grasp advanced knowledge and techniques clearly and easily.  The required pre-requisites are stated on the individual course information page.  Pre-requisites may include;

  • Time frames of practicing a basic skill/technique.
  • Previous qualifications/courses studied.
  • Sending a picture in of your work (mainly for nail art courses).
  • Interview/discussion with the lecturer on skill level.



Some of Adelaide Beauty Academy courses will require you to purchase kits or supply products/ disposable items etc.  On the individual course information pages, you will find options on kit purchases.  If you choose not to purchase the preferred kit, or only part of it, you will still be required to supply your own product/equipment as per the list included on the individual course information page, Adelaide Beauty Academy will not supply product/equipment for specified training. Failure to have all the necessary product/equipment may result in an added cost to you for purchasing product/equipment on the day or being unable to complete your course satisfactorily.  Exception to this can be if you are part of a salon that is attending training as a group, then one kit may be purchased and shared amongst the salon members. 



It is a requirement by Adelaide Beauty Academy and its lecturers/trainers that the following guidelines be followed;

  • You are to arrive at least 15 minutes before class start time.
  • No swearing in class.
  • Mobile phones are to be switched to silent while in class.
  • Appropriate clothing worn.
  • No “put downs” that are directed to other students, salons, lecturers/trainers and/or brands.



If a student should have any problems with any procedures within the Academy, the complaint must be put in writing and either;

  • mailed to Adelaide Beauty Academy, 182 Glen Osmond Road, Fullarton, SA, 5063
  • emailed to [email protected]

Please include your name and contact details so your matter can be addressed.