Beginners 2 Day Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Beginners 2 Day Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

You will be required to attend 1 day per week face to face in class training for 2 weeks. 1 full week at home continued practice for the week in between, after such, you are required to come back into the class for 1 full day to perform another full set of lash extension, in fills and removal of lash extensions.

It is important that you understand continued is required throughout the training times and dates. Total time of training and commitment required from you is spread across 2 weeks, this is to maximise your skills and full potential with your eyelash extensions training.


Isolation and how to correctly apply eyelash extensions to the natural eyelash, without causing damage to the natural lashes.
– In filling and removal of lash extensions
– Working on both dummy heads and live models
– Lash curls –  weights – thicknesses of lash extensions.
– Difference of lash extensions fibres.
– Natural eyelash health
– Stages of natural hair growth cycles
– Lash mapping – eye shapes – lash styling to suit each individual client.
– Patch testing –  indemnity forms – treatment planning
– Aftercare and at home care of lash extensions
– WPH&S – hygiene – sanitation
– Product uses, storage, ingredients and recommendations for premium lash extension care

COST: including Graft-a-Lash Hybrid Student kit
Option 1: CLASS $890; Deposit $160
Option 2: ONE ON ONE $1260; Deposit $235

*NOTE; All models, products and equipment will be supplied by Adelaide Beauty Academy. If you wish to supply any of these yourself, please let us know asap.

Monday 17th & 24th June

2 days (week apart)

9:30am $890 ABA – Tranmere
Monday 22nd & 29th July

2 days (week apart)

9:30am $890 ABA – Tranmere
Monday 16th & 23rd September

2 days (week apart)

9:30am $890 ABA – Tranmere
Monday 28th October & 4th November

2 days (week apart)

9:30am $890 ABA – Tranmere

182 Glynburn Road, Tranmere

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